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Orange’s FUT Factory, which monitors new products and services

Orange’s FUT Factory includes volunteer employees who test Orange products and services in real-world situations before they go on the market. This makes it possible to identify potential malfunctions and make improvements, a critical form of support for decision-makers.

The FUT Manager notes that “Through these experiments, the FUT Factory evaluates practices, customer experience, needs, and room for improvement. We do all we can to identify remaining and context-specific bugs, and to provide decision support before anything is put on the market.” 

“We support Vocaza’s solution to launch our online surveys,” says the FUT Manager at Orange as well.

Listening to feedback from volunteer employees at FUT Factory is done primarily through questionnaires and a forum on their dedicated website.  This combination is then distilled into a report shared with the entire project team, and becomes a support material for the validation and decision conference. Generally speaking, every experiment gets at least one final satisfaction survey. “FUT always offers experiments to more than 4500 employees, a total of 40 experiments per year,” says the FUT manager.

“Vocaza is an especially simple, intuitive tool that saves the project team time and is a breeze to use,” reports the FUT manager.

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