Thanks to multi-channel dissemination, the visibility of your surveys is optimized on all digital media. Find out about the collection methods offered by Vocaza to disseminate your questionnaires :

Email surveys: increase returns while reducing the costs

Vocaza has specialized, since it was founded, in online surveys, distributed by email. Our long experience of this channel allows us to make available to you the best systems to optimize your rate of return and take advantage of the particular features of email surveys.

Distributing your surveys by email has several advantages:

  • Substantial time saving compared to paper surveys: distribution is instantaneous and responses fed back and tracked in real time
  • Reduction in costs: no more need for interviewers or to re-enter information
  • More reliable data: no risk of entry errors
  • More attractive and interactive questionnaires: inclusion of images, sounds, videos, entry by cursor,
  • The ability to monitor your recipients’ behaviour (openings, clicks) to organize more effective reminder campaigns
  • Access to wide panels of respondents, with more refined targeting possibilities.


Distribute your surveys to your customers’ pockets

Smartphones are a particularly attractive communication channel. Nearly 50% of the French over 11 years old have a smartphone and this device is constantly in its owner’s pocket. By distributing surveys to smartphones, your customers are free to respond when they want, from wherever suits them best. In BtoC, 20% of customers already access surveys from their smartphones. 


Adapted ergonomics to facilitate responses

Vocaza helps you to distribute your surveys on smartphones by creating a design tailored to your questionnaires, allowing you to use this device’s ergonomics and touch mode to the full.

Use your website to collect your visitors’ opinions

Most customers now get information from the company’s website before making a purchase decision. Your website is an essential focal point of interaction which enables you to convey your messages: why not use it to survey your visitors?

Adding questionnaires to your website allows you to gain greater knowledge of your customers and their behaviour by collecting information on:

  • Their profile
  • The reasons for their visit
  • How they know about your company
  • Their opinion concerning the content, navigation on the site or the order process for e-commerce sites.

It is also a good way of generating leads for websites that do not sell online.


Questionnaires triggered at the right time to maximize returns

One of the advantages of on-site internet surveys is to be able to trigger them at the right time, in the most relevant context in relation to the survey’s goals:

  • Display by layer when entering or quitting the website
  • A link to the questionnaire inserted at a key moment when navigating on the website: after using the search engine, following the placing of an order, when viewing a particular page, etc.

Our long experience of internet surveys enables us to make available to you powerful features and advanced expertise to organize your surveys successfully on websites.

Surveys on tablets : switch to the new mobile generation

Surveys on tablets: switch to the new mobile generation Surveys on tablets are ideal for collecting information in the field and surveys in public places. They have several advantages:

  • Reduction in costs, because the data do not need to be re-entered from paper questionnaires
  • Increase in the response rates, thanks to improved ergonomics and to the attractiveness of the tablet
  • Faster processing time and availability of data in real time
  • Ability to collect new information (geo-location, photos, signatures, etc.)


Vocaza simplifies the management of your surveys on tablets

Vocaza allows you to create surveys with designs optimized for tablets. You thus can take advantage of the tremendous opportunities offered by touch screens, without needing to redevelop your questionnaires.


Surveys accessible from anywhere, at any time

The QR code (or “flashcode”) is a new way of distributing your surveys. It allows your customers or employees to have access to a survey directly from their smartphone, by “scanning” a QR code.

QR codes can be printed on many media. Depending on the type of survey planned, they can be placed on:

  • Packaging, documentation, or a product’s label or even on the products themselves
  • Reception areas and points of sale (hotel receptions, agencies, waiting rooms, showcase displays, etc.)
  • Sales documents (leaflets, flyers, brochures).

Using the QR code allows you to interview your customers or employees about an experience they have just had or a product they have just used. It also provides an innovative image for your company.

France is the 3rd highest user country of QR codes; take advantage of this opportunity to distribute your surveys more widely, thereby reaching your end customers.

Quick and simple operation

If you have a survey project, or quiz via QR Code, the access link to the survey will be contained in the QR Code. When it is scanned by a smartphone, it automatically decodes the link and displays the first page of the survey.

Test out a survey using a QR code by yourself

To read a QR code, your smartphone must be equipped with a scanning application. You can download one for free from the App Store for the iPhone, Google Play for phones running under Android and Windows Phone Store for phones running under Windows.

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