Strong alliances and shared values

Vocaza has developed partnerships that extend its field of commercial activities and is seeking new partners as part of its internationalization programme to distribute its offering as closely as possible to its customers.

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Nos partenaires commerciaux

XTCO is Vocaza's historic partner for the deployment of EFM solutions for major companies and large public sector agencies. XTCO distributes the Vocaza software package and provides a full range of value-added services to accompany the deployment of Vocaza software and ensure the success of EFM projects based on Vocaza. Vocaza and XTCO have worked closely together since 2004 in developing and promoting the Vocaza software package and its EFM applications. In addition to its solid commercial distribution relations, XTCO contributes to R&D by participating in defining the functional developments of the software programs.

Gruppo Tekno is a company operating since many years in Italian territory, with consolidated experience and presence on the market of software solutions in the areas of: Fixed Assets (complete accounting and physical inventory of fixed assets needs), Human Resources (HR software for all human capital management and development needs, for middle and big company), Work Safety (software solution to support safety and security work environment management needs). The company has signed a partnership agreement with Vocaza to distribute its solution on the Italian market, focusing first of all on a complementary offer to HR solutions, then to expand its offer to all business lines ( marketing, quality ...).

Adnetis is a Canadian company specialized in Email Marketing. With fundamental values ​​focused on quality and innovation, it relies on its Sitenda technology platform to send e-mails, in service mode or in stand-alone mode. Adnetis has signed a partnership agreement with Vocaza to distribute its solution on the Canadian market.

Nos partenaires institutionnels

Vocaza is supported by Oséo as part of the financing of innovation.

Vocaza is a member of TECH IN FRANCE (formerly French Association of Software Editors).

Vocaza is a member of the Syndicale Chambre of SSII and software publishers.

Vocaza is a member of the International Trade Association of Marketing Science and Opinion Studies Market.

Vocaza is a member of the Mediterranean Network of Software Editors and Integrators.


Our motto is clear: Just as end customers don’t deserve to go unheard or unanswered, neither do our partners!
Vocaza is mindful of the added value that its partners contribute to the task of continual customer feedback, and is expanding its distribution network to France and Europe where it has detected new opportunities. We recognize that everyone has something to add. Technology is important and essential but knowing the customer, its line of business, and its history are also important. That’s why we’re recruiting new partners so that our user-customers can benefit from synergies between our skills and technology under the best possible conditions.
A Vocaza certification program has been applied so that our partners are skilled and self-reliant, and the end customers can be guaranteed a certain level of expertise.
At the same time, our partners receive special guidance that enables them to ensure the success of their customers’ projects, no matter how mature their continual feedback skills may be. We guide our partners from the post-sales process to the installation of the Vocaza BigData Feedback Automation solution on the client’s machines.
Lastly, our partners get preferred access to our teams and resources, one example being this dedicated portal, which offers numerous marketing, technical, and sales tools.
This space is therefore only accessible to our certified partners with a login and password.

Devenez partenaires +

Si vous êtes intéressé ou désirez postuler pour être partenaire de Vocaza, votre contact est Stéphane Teulet :

  • (+33)4 32 44 83 40
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