Feedback Big Data

Run your business through customer satisfaction

Vocaza Bigdata Feedback Automation is the custom solution :

  • For studying customer satisfaction continually and at given moments.
  • For managing millions of responses over several years.

Example interactions to be considered on a customer path

  • After visiting your website
  • After placing an order
  • After your product or service is delivered.
  • After a customer service contact (calls, email, chat, etc.)

Key principle of continual monitoring : Complete automation !

Vocaza Bigdata Feedback Automation automatically processes :

  • The distribution of automated surveys by email, text message, pop-in, etc.
    • Advice in finalizing the questionnaire
    • Updating your questionnaire and customizing to the customer's style guide
  • Reporting customer satisfaction:
    • Real-time online dashboard: KPIs and analysis of verbatim responses

    • Informs the right employees at the right times: Reports sent by email

    • Instant identification and Handling of dissatisfied customers (Mini-CRM)

In summary, here are the benefits of Vocaza Feedback Automation Bigdata:

"Much better oversight of your customer's experience with your company, which becomes more responsive. You get to make decisions faster with full knowledge of the facts." 

  1. Manage the satisfaction of your customers' path and the performance of your teams using highly customized Dashboards. The indicators and other graphs produced are adapted to your employees' profiles, based on their role and hierarchical level. We use all the major indicators: Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) or the Customer Effort Score (CES).
  2. Inform the operational managers directly via summary emails with their key performance indicators.
  3. Enhance your CRM and therefore knowledge of each customer with each response collected to sell more.
  4. Detect your dissatisfied customers in real time to maximize your sales and immediately inform the right employee automatically by email.
  5. Access to a portal from an ordinary browser, in order to centralize and manage the processing of your satisfied and dissatisfied customers. (ROI assured)

Benefit from over 14 years of expertise by our customer satisfaction specialists in order to help make your projects a success.

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