Feedback One

Don't run your business blindfolded!

With Vocaza, you can launch your first continual Customer Monitoring in under 24 hours.

If you want to measure your customers' satisfaction continually all year round, Feedback One is made for you.

By asking the right questions directly at the right time, you gain added value. Your performance indicators are updated in real time; this gives you informed insight into the business you run.

Vocaza offers you the tools to make your first project a success

Feedback One is:

  • A turnkey satisfaction survey carried out by specialists made up of:
    • Your logo
    • 4 questions: Overall satisfaction, recommendation, and two open questions
  • A satisfaction survey sent out in real time by e-mail continually throughout the year to up to 100,000 contacts per year.
  • An online dashboard that summarizes:
    • Your overall customer satisfaction
    • Your customer recommendation (Net Promoter Score)
    • Your customers' positive and negative opinions
  • An alert sent by email for instant detection of dissatisfied customers
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