Survey manager

The benchmark software for successful one-time online surveys

Vocaza created Survey Manager to provide a survey software that is both powerful and simple to access, which allows you to successfully carry out all your projects, regardless of the frequency of the surveys, the scope of the research or the questionnaire's distribution channel.

Survey Manager has evolved over the years, incorporating the technological developments and functional needs expressed by users.

Vocaza stores all of your data only in France, in the best secure environments.

A unique and integrated offering for the whole of your survey process

Get full use out of Survey Manager

The software's user interface has taken its inspiration from that of office suites. This fluid, ergonomic work environment guides you effectively through successful campaigns (satisfaction, human resources, marketing and communications, etc.)

Produce questionnaires that meet your style guide, all with a unique level of features. Develop and optimize your omnichannel presence using Vocaza's digital questions: Collect your customer feedback from all distribution channels at all times.

Vocaza's proficiency in the deliverability of invite emails gives you operational peace of mind for an optimized response rate. The major added value of your surveys lies in the responses you get. Learn what that data really says, with a simple drag-and-drop interface to create online dashboards that perfectly match the indicators you need to improve and track your business's performance.

A single simple-to-use-tool manages all the stages of your surveys: from the drafting of the questionnaires through to the communication of the results.


Immediate use

  • Quick to learn, no IT skills needed
  • Independence in creating questionnaires
  • Productivity and speed of survey distribution
  • Assistance from our experts, training, methodological resources
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