Survey Project

Entrust us with the creation of your survey projects

Do you want to carry out a one-off survey without investing in any software?

Do you already use our software, but need additional resources to deal with an urgent project?

Vocaza makes its skills and its expertise available to you and can complete all or a part of your project. A turnkey survey is an excellent way of conducting your first survey with Vocaza.


Surveys conducted by our consultants include:

  • Survey for marketing, communication, and quality services:
    • Customer Satisfaction Survey
    • Quality Survey, etc.
  • Surveys for HR Departments, Senior Management:
    • Corporate Climate or Employee Surveys
    • Training Assessment Surveys, etc.
  • Quality and Purchasing Department Survey:
    • Administrative Information Reporting Survey
    • Auditing, etc.
A proven methodology including quality control at each stage:

Together, we check all aspects of the project (questions and structure of the questionnaire, style guide, contact sheet, analysis plan), then define the survey schedule.

Vocaza first creates a model for validation of the in-house style, then a complete layout of the questionnaire and email requests sent to respondents.

Once these layouts are done, Vocaza sends you a proof so that you can review and approve the survey. Our experts then go through the work of distributing your questionnaires, checking their distribution, monitoring the response rate, and sending follow-up and thank-you e-mails as needed.

Once all of these steps are complete, Vocaza sends you the results and analysis reports.


With our services, you get:

  • Assistance from our experts who give advice and best practices
  • The guarantee of the success of your project thanks to our methodology and our experience in many sectors
  • A transfer of skills which allows you to be independent for your future projects.


A bespoke response for your specialized projects

In addition to our standard methodology for the project management of online surveys, we have specific methodologies for projects with high value-added.


Multi-Lingual Surveys

Management of multiple localized versions of the same questionnaire, advice on translation phases.


Certified anonymous surveys

Signing of a confidentiality charter, binding on third parties, for managing anonymous responses. Proof-reading and editing of verbatim texts. Anonymization of segments of analyses for fewer than 10 individuals.


Mixed web/paper/texting environments

Advice on the organization of web / phone / paper environments. Configuration and monitoring of environments. Unified responses basis, comparative analysis of environments.

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