Professional assistance at every stage of your project

Our advice centre’s mission is to assist you in using Vocaza’s products and solutions to ensure the success of your projects and to maximize your return on investment.

Our consultants have acquired solid experience in the various fields to which the surveys apply (marketing, communication, HR, quality, etc.) and for companies in all sectors. Our project and quality procedure offers you all the conditions for ensuring the success of your surveys.

Our consultants are involved at the different stages of your project:

  • Methodological advice to organize your surveys and optimize their results
  • Proof-reading of the questionnaire to check its objectivity (avoid biased questions) and validate its appropriateness with the survey’s objectives
  • Overall assistance with the project by a consultant who is involved at each stage of the survey.

Most of our services can be performed on your premises or remotely via web conference or telephone. This flexibility allows us to respond to your requests quickly as part of controlled budgets.

You can also entrust us with producing all or part of your survey

  • Training

    A flexible service tailored to your needs

    For Vocaza, training is an essential step for ensuring the success of your project. We have designed a service which allows you to meet our customers' different needs and constraints, by adapting it to the pace of their projects.

    Beginner or expert

    Our training programme is tailored to your experience of Vocaza:

    • Level 1: "Successfully organizing your first online survey", for customers using the software for the first time and who learn to produce a survey independently.


    1. Successfully organizing your first online survey

    • Level 2: "Going further with online surveys", for customers who already use Vocaza and want to become more proficient in using the software features to deploy online surveys with high value-added.


         2. Going further with online surveys

    Each training course deals with the 3 steps of the process of producing a survey:

    • Creation of the questionnaire
    • Distribution of the survey
    • Analysis of the results.

    On-site or remote training

    The training carried out on site, on your premises, is for up to 6 people. It alternates presentations and practical workshops for handling the software's features.

    Remote training is organized via web conference and is for up to 3 persons located on remote sites. Each session is divided into modules of one hour thirty allowing greater flexibility in its organization. You can also progress with your survey project between each module and come back at the next session with those concrete questions that have arisen.

    Vocaza is an accredited training organization.


  • Integration & Development

    Integrate your surveys into your information system

    Surveys are of growing importance to companies. Many wish to incorporate them in their main information system to streamline the survey processes and facilitate the feedback of information into their business applications.

    Our technical and business consultants integrate Vocaza solutions into your information system and perform any necessary developments to meet your needs.

    Vocaza has been designed to adapt to the needs of each project. Our experience capitalized over several years has enabled us to develop frameworks and reusable components to customize Vocaza's solutions in line with your processes.

    Seamless integration in the information system

    Vocaza has connectors enabling it to dovetail with other applications. The use of standard data formats ensures the use of the information collected, to make Vocaza an essential "surveys and questionnaires" business brick to enrich your information system.

    Depending on the nature of your project, Vocaza can be integrated into:

    Your business application :

    • The CRM and support management systems
    • The ERPs
    • The human resources software packages
    • Software quality control

    Your infrastructure:

    • The business directories
    • The BI platforms (Business Intelligence)
    • The SSO authentication systems
    • The databases

    SOA Architecture

    Vocaza benefits from Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) based on web services which are compatible with the different types of platforms (in particular .NET and Java). This architecture allows other applications to use the Vocaza software package directly and its survey distribution and collection of information features.

    Specific Developments

    Where your project includes a part not dealt with as standard, we decide whether the desired features may be of interest to several customers, so as to include them in the software's roadmap. If the features are specific to your project, we offer complementary developments performed by our teams.

    In all cases, the expertise gained as projects are developed allows you to benefit from a proven work methodology, based on a general approach to projects, capitalization of developments and strong involvement by users in their structure.


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