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Vocaza develops and markets solutions (software and services) for digital surveys. These solutions collect customer or employee opinions at given times or at all times. This data, collected and analyzed in multiple ways, has become essential to any company or organization that wants to be at peak performance.

Since it was founded in 2004, Vocaza has acquired significant market share. After becoming a major player in the EFM (Enterprise Feedback Management) market, Vocaza was able to maintain its dynamic, passionate, innovative spirit. Goodwill is its chief value, both toward its customers and suppliers and toward its employees.

Vocaza is aimed at customers in all industries, primarily key accounts, medium-size companies, and consulting firms.

+ 14 years of innovation
+ 1000 customers
+ 60% of surveys answered from a smartphone
+ 15% annual increase in sales
+ 100% dgrowth in continuous listening
Le groupe
Winsoft : Internationalization assistance solutions
Founded 30 years ago, Winsoft International offers services to publishers so that they can localize and market their software solutions all over the world. Winsoft works in partnership with large software publishers like FileMaker, Adobe Systems, and Serif to adapt and distribute their software for the global market.
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